Diritto del lavoro

Since 1960 – the years of the Italian "economic miracle" – the professionals of Legalstudio gained a specific experience in manufacturing, industrial and services, experience that has been handed down to today's members of the firm, as though the finest arts and traditions.

We’ve worked on many innovative projects related to woodworking and furniture production and we offer advice on a wide range of matters, including disputes, commercial contracts, product risk, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, professional liability, competition law, outsourcing, relocation and further operations to which clients are called in order to improve business development and technological innovation as the market continues to globalize.

As a consequence we protect a business identity always more based on brand, design, quality and strategic marketing, as we counsel our clients about intellectual property matters, including trade mark law claims across the EU, cross-board brand protection (Community Trade Marks, Community Designs, parallel national protections.

At the same time, clients come to us for getting legal advice about information technology (IT contracts, software copyright infringement, software licensing and distribution, e-commerce, data protection and privacy, encryption and electronic signatures, web site contracts and more).

We serve not only engineering and building and construction companies, shareholders, manufacturers, auditors and members of boards of directors, but also managers, web designers, web and software developers.